Summer's here, and with that comes longer days and shorter clothes. It's an unfortunate fact that this is also one of the most dangerous times of year for a young Christian in this day and age.

Modesty is all but neglected [and in some cases, the opposite is glorified] and when we choose not to partake in these activities we're scorned for it. After all, it's way too hot to be dressed in a modest way, is it not?

There are some activities where we can be put in situations where we could compromise our modesty not only in ourselves but to others as well. We must always avoid them to prevent any undue temptation or stumbling blocks in others.

But one thing we can not avoid, is the clothing worn by others around us. Those who do not read the bible, or are not familiar with passages such as 1 Timothy 2: 9-10, so they dress very worldly. As much as we try to avoid them, however, aside from becoming a shut-in, there is no way to do so entirely.

These have become as found in Ephesians 4: 17-19 "darkened in their understanding"  "lost sensitivity" "given over to sensuality" they've become callous to the sin they commit, and as such see nothing wrong with it. They don't care if anyone sees them, so they'll do what they want to do.

So, how does one stay modest in the most dangerous time of our modern age? The battle for modesty is also a battle of self control--, no, one of the heart.. One may want to wear shorter clothing to feel a little bit cooler, but what of those around you? Also how can you avoid people dressing shamefully in public, right in front of everyone? We can by our example.

We can make a stand to resist the temptations of the devil and to dress in modest apparel. We can show that one can live in this present age in a manner that is decent and wholesome. We can teach our kids that those who dress like this are bringing shame to themselves and everyone around them. But more than that...

We can make the decisions not to partake in such sinful activities! When others of the world see us and how we do not follow the expected norms may ask why it is we do what we do. We now have an open invitation to discuss God's word with them!