Exodus 31: 1-11

Bezalel was given gifts by God for the work he was to do.

However that wouldn't have meant anything if he didn't use them for his purpose.

God gives us gifts today, however unlike Bezalel, we must work to develop those gifts

How many are given gifts by God but do nothing with them? How many don't even know how they're gifted?

Some never even realize how they're gifted because they do not try.

What about the gifts God gives us because we ask of Him?

Like for example, further understanding of the bible. We pray for that often yet what comes next?

We study as we should, but does it end there? We would be doing ourselves a grave disservice.

God doesn't give us gifts so we can be lazy or selfish with them. He wishes us to do much good with what we are given.

He wishes us to work at them and improve [as most artisans like Bezalel would do] so they can complete the work set before them.

By challenging ourselves and committing to new endeavors in the Lord's church, we not only gain a satisfaction from the challenge of doing so, we also may find ways we were gifted and not even have known it!

For example, those of you who are teachers. You did not just one day decide to do it and did a masterful job. I remember the first time I taught in the adult class... needless to say there was room for improvement. But that's not to push you away, that's to encourage you. It's to encourage you to continue in that endeavor, and not only that, to work harder so you can encourage others by your growth. By being in the teenage class as a partner teacher of sorts I'd like to think I've improved in my ability, preparedness, and encouraging of discussion.