God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are 3 separate entities. The bible makes that perfectly clear multiple times in the bible. [Matthew 28: 19, Romans 8: 11, Matthew 3: 16-18 just to name a few] however the confusion lies in God and Jesus  being called “one.”I and my father are one” John 10: 30 also “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” John 14: 9.

When we use typical American grammar, the understanding of one simply means they are the same, however the Greek “one” means a union.  This means that while they are not the same, their purpose is, and that purpose is the plan of salvation of mankind.

Let me give you an example. When the Holy Spirit entered the prophets, kings, even the apostles they were one in regards to their purpose. Completing the purpose God had for them, however they still were their own independent beings.

The union between Holy Spirit and man can be severed but it is due to man when it is. The Holy Spirit left king Saul and entered David instead.

Good thing the union of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit does not have man as well, isn’t it, as their union fulfilled their purpose and even now to the end of the earth itself will continue that plan.

What is the plan of salvation? I’ll go into that in a future article.