Practice. It's very important for developing any skill or endeavor. From music to art, sports or memorization, you won't get very far without it. However, practice doesn't come without dangers.

The daily repetition of practice develops the muscle memory and experience in the craft.  It teaches the mechanics used as a foundation for a deeper and and more technical understanding.

However, this repetition could also lead to frustration and mundanity if we are not careful. By performing the same simple actions repeatedly, we may fall in a rut or worse, quit entirely.  

We are in the middle of our spiritual practice right now. 3 times a week we gather together and worship God, study from His word, sing His praises, and what we're shortly going to partake of, the Lord's Supper.  This is, of course, of utmost importance to us as Christians as our very salvation rests on Christ's Death.

It’s easy though, for the elements we practice to become mundane... IF we let it.

We have a guide for success in our most important endeavor, the bible. With it, we learn, advance, and grow at our own pace while watching the success stories of those around us to keep us motivated to continue those repetitions we are tasked to complete as Christians [reading our bibles, praying, encouraging others]

Just like how those simple tasks you do while practicing are your foundation in the hobby/craft, far more is Christ's death the foundation for our faith! Romans 5:8 says that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

Unlike most things we practice, this isn't just a hobby, our very souls rest in doing this in a worthy manner! How do you feel about the Lord's Supper that we are about to partake of? Has it become mundane? Is it just another part of the service? I certainly hope not!

As we partake of this, we perform another act of practice. The practice of keeping our minds focused on why we are to partake. Do we practice by reading of the Supper or crucifixion? Do we go over the words of the song before the supper and meditate on those words?  However it's done, we are to remember those oft-recited words... "this do in remembrance of me"