The Lord ’s Supper is usually a solemn occasion. That makes sense; it commemorates Christ’s death on the cross. However, this talk will look at the Lord ’s Supper a different way. A way of victory.

David, in Psalm 122 said “I was glad when they said to me,
‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’ And we should feel the same way.

Christ’s death was the ultimate sacrifice so we can be given the forgiveness of sins and the expectation of a home in Heaven when this life is over.

God in His prophecy in Genesis 3 states “He [Jesus] shall bruise your head and you [Satan] shall bruise His heel”

This sums up Jesus’ death nicely. His death was seen as a victory for those who opposed Him, but it was only a temporary victory for them. The head being bruised is the final victory. It’s a complete victory over sin’s hold over us.

So when you take of the Lord’s supper remember not only His death, but also how just like Jesus was raised from the dead, so will we be. Raised to life eternal.