O Lord, help us remember, as we these emblems take your suffering death on Calvary for our unworthy sakes


When we take the Lord’s supper, we do so to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross so we can be given the forgiveness of our sins. His death was a horrible one full of long lasting pain. Not only physical, but mental as well because His apostles deserted Him.


O Lord, help us remember, the crown of thorns you wore although Your vision bloodstained, Your love divine outpoured


During His last supper, He told the apostles that the cup is His blood of the new covenant which was shed for many for the remission of sins. He did this because He knew of man’s sinful state and how we are incapable of gaining forgiveness any other way.


O Lord, help us remember, that from death You arose; the power of God did raise You triumphant over your foes


If Christ was not resurrected, we would still be without hope, however since Jesus was raised from the dead, as was foretold even to Adam and Satan in the garden, His mission complete, He returned to Heaven and God put all things under His {Jesus} feet.


Jesus is now at the right hand of God until His second coming which will be the end of life entirely, at least the physical life we know now. The second life being eternal is the life we strive for.


O Lord, help us remember You are at God’s right hand this feast reveals Your suffering until You come again


So when we take the Lord’s supper, we should always remember what Jesus did for us, and take it in a well pleasing manner.