We shall stand before the throne, stand with all, but stand alone, face, at last, the Aged One. God is holy bow before Him


Regardless of when it happens, whether everyone else passed away as we did in that last great day, or if our time is before that, we all will stand before God. A just and holy God who is a fair and righteous judge. Because He is just and righteous we should bow before Him and strive to please Him while we’re still here.


See the vindicated Son, hear Him say “depart, well done” judgment sure for everyone, Christ is holy listen to Him


After God put everything under Jesus’ feet, everything Jesus prophesied was finally confirmed. While He performed many miracles through the Holy Spirit and His Father, and His teaching as one of authority even beyond the Pharisees, His short time on Earth was full of enemies who slander, blasphemy, and threats of His life. Some of those who hated Jesus so much would even be baptized on the day of Pentecost.  


On the left, the doomed implore, but are locked beneath a door, there they burn forever more, God is holy love and fear Him


This is the unquestionable end of those who do not obey the gospel. Their eternal life is full of torment and agony. Hell is not a place that can be escaped, nor can their fate be avoided once their life here is over. This end result would be for all of us if not for God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice. So even though we are not perfect…


But the faithful on His right, wearing crowns and garments white, sing forever in His sight, “holy, holy, Thou art holy”


We still can enter Heaven if we live lives well pleasing and pray for forgiveness when we do sin. As awful a place Hell must be, Heaven must be just as much if not more wonderful. And we too can join that angel throng singing praises to our Almighty Creator